Our Trustees

As dictated by The Personal Advocacy Trust’s Deed, the Trust is governed by a Board of 6 – 8 members “comprised of one Trustee appointed by IHC New Zealand Incorporated; one Trustee appointed by the Residential Providers Association or any other Association or organisation selected by the Trustees and providing services to people with an intellectual disability; one Trustee appointed by the Council of the New Zealand Law Society; two Trustees who are Contributors*, and are elected by Contributors who have fully paid an enrolment fee; and three Trustees appointed by resolution of the other Trustees.”

* Contributors as defined in the Trust Deed are the individuals responsible for enrolling and paying the enrolment fee of an individual with an intellectual disability. In most instances this is a parent.

Trust Board Members 2018

Barney Cooper, Chair.  Independent Trustee

Janine Stewart, IHC Representative

Don Bagnall, Parent Representative

Kate Cooke, Sibling Representative

Gerard Letts, Law Society Representative

Annette Brown, Independent Trustee

Ross Steele, Financial Advisor & Independent Trustee

John Stribrny, NZDSN (Residential Providers Association)