Our Work

Advocacy is a service that argues for, or defends, another who is unable (or needs help) to do so for themselves. Our service is designed to work alongside the individual and to assist them, where needed, so they remain happy and healthy. The Personal Advocacy Trust is another set of eyes and ears, and importantly a voice for its members.

Regional advocates work to maintain the rights of the enrolled member so they continue to receive the best services available, while taking any necessary actions to ensure a positive outcome. Advocates encourage the potential for leading as independent a life as possible. This is achieved through regular contact, visiting, reporting and planning to monitor the wellbeing of the member. The type and intensity of advocacy required will vary between each member, and from year to year and depending on their needs or issues at the time.

In order to be effective in promoting and protecting the interests of its members, PAT is administratively and financially independent of any organisation providing residential, occupational or other services for people with intellectual disabilities. It is also independent of Government.

The service is funded almost entirely through the payment of a Pre Support Annual Subscription and a Full Support Enrolment Fee by people enrolling a family member or friend as a member of the Trust. Being independent of external controls or priorities, PAT is able to provide effective advocacy.