Fee-for-Service Advocacy

Whilst lifetime advocacy is the ideal, we understand that this model is not accessible or necessary for all New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities or developmental disorders.

To meet the need for short term, crisis responsive and customised advocacy, The Personal Advocacy Trust also provides advocacy support contracted on an hourly basis. This service may be accessed by the individual themselves, Parents, Whanau, Service Providers, or any other support person.

Contracting an Advocate through The Personal Advocacy Trust may be appropriate when:

  • Independence and neutrality are vital
  • There is a crisis or issue that lies outside the scope of the Health and Disability Commission Advocacy service (HDC Advocates are only able to respond to concerns regarding health and disability services).

This service is offered nationwide, and is an option for anyone resident in New Zealand with an intellectual disability or developmental disorder.

The cost for this service is $60 per hour, excluding GST.