Full Support

A member transitions to Full Support after the death of their last surviving parent or other contributor. The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust commits to delivering a minimum of quarterly advocacy support visits, and up to 12 hours of advocacy annually. The frequency and duration of these visits will be dictated by the needs and plans made with the person and their supporters. Extra support/advocacy can be provided as necessary in times of crisis. The Advocates role is to work with the member and all those involved ‐ other agencies and individuals ‐ who are in contact to ensure the member enjoys a high standard of health and wellbeing. The Regional Advocate will:

  • keep an eye on the Member’s general health and well-being; checking that education, work, accommodation and leisure activities are all going well.
  • Check that the Member access to their money for day to day expenses and that any longer term financial interests are being protected.
  • Discuss any difficulties or issues that the Member may need help with
  • Raise and work through those issues with others involved, including service providers, to find a positive solution
  • Support the member to self-advocate, or advocate with and on behalf of our Member to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Full Support Enrolment Fee is carefully calculated as advised by professional Actuaries, so as to be sufficient to fund full advocacy support for a member for the duration of their life. It takes in to consideration the age of the member when enrolling, current life expectancy predictions, and the potential growth of the fee through investment. The Full Support Enrolment Fee may be refundable**.

Where siblings who live at the same address are enrolled in the Trust, a discount may be applied to the second and subsequent enrolment fees of 50%.

There are several options for the method of payment of the Full Support Enrolment Fee:

  1. By lump sum payment
  2. By annual instalments for a term of 5 or 10 years. (Please note: other terms may and arranged on a case by case basis).
  3. By monthly payments for a term of 5 or 10 years
  4. Deferred Payment by Testamentary Will – Please note that when this option is selected the Enrolment Fee Payable will be the current fee applicable at the time of death. It is the Trust’s policy to increase fees every three years to allow for CPI adjustment. An invoice will be issued annually on the anniversary of enrolment advising of the current fee rate. Where there is insufficient funds or failure to provide for the enrolment fee within the Will, membership will be cancelled.

Advocacy may also be purchased through a Discretionary Trust. By this method, a family only pays for the advocacy delivered each year, instead of a lifetime in advance. The rest of the Discretionary Trust may be applied for the general well-being of the member, and as defined at the time of establishment. Please note, the balance of the Discretionary Trust must be at least the value of the Immediate Full Support Fee at the time support commences.

**If a fully paid member is withdrawn from the Trust while still on Pre Support the membership fee may be up to 100% refundable. If a member is withdrawn when on Full Support, the membership fee will be nonrefundable.

Full Support Enrolment Fee 1 July 2022 – All fees are quoted including GST

  • Under 45
  • Lump Sum Payment
  • Annual Payment ( over 10 years)
  • Annual Payment (over 5 years)
  • Monthly Payment (over 10 years)
  • Monthly Payment (over 5 years)
  • Under 45
  • $15,850
  • $1,585
  • $3,170
  • $132
  • $264
  • Over 45
  • $19,800
  • $1,910
  • $3,960
  • $165
  • $330
  • Immediate Full Support under 30
  • Immediate Full Support commencing between 30 – 45
  • $38,200
  • $30,500