Pre Support

A member is classified as Pre Support while their parents are living. It is assumed that during their lifetime (while able) the parent/s will be their son or daughter’s primary Advocate. The Personal Advocacy Trust commits to a minimum of biannual contact with all Pre Support members and families, though in the first year or two of enrolment and whilst establishing a relationship the Trust delivers more than this. This contact includes keeping vital records up to date and current, and importantly establishing and maintaining a relationship with the member.

Should a parent become unable to advocate for their family member due to age, ill health or other factors, an application may be made to the Trust Board for consideration for Early Full Support. If approved, the member then begins to receive advocacy support at the same level of Full Support.

Pre Support is funded through the payment of a subscription of $140 per annum, and is a pre requisite to Full Support unless both parents are deceased.

Where siblings who live at the same address are enrolled in the Trust, a discount may be applied to the second and subsequent enrolments of 50%.